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Making A Difference: Empowering Dog Lovers, Protecting Canine Welfare

Empowering Dog Lovers, Protecting Canine Welfare - Hands2Paws


Making a Difference: Empowering Dog Lovers, Safeguarding Canine Welfare

Shaping a Better World for Dogs

Hands2paws was established to tackle the growing concern of consumers purchasing dogs online from backyard breeders and puppy mills. Many consumers unknowingly buy mixed breeds at high prices without any knowledge about the parents of the dogs. These puppies, bred by inexperienced breeders, often suffer from health and behavioral problems.

To address this issue, Hands2paws has developed a solution that connects consumers with the right breed through an algorithm based on their answers to specific questions. By reviewing their matches, consumers can easily access breed-specific associations’ websites by clicking on the breed image. Breeders affiliated with these associations, also known as parent clubs, adhere to strict bylaws, making them more responsible and ethical.

In addition to helping consumers find the perfect dog, Hands2paws is involved in various other initiatives. They have launched a website campaign called www.NoLease4Paws.com, which aims to prevent the leasing of retail space to pet stores that sell live animals. This campaign encourages commercial real estate agents and management companies to voluntarily pledge not to lease their space to entities involved in the sale of live animals.

Hands2paws is also actively collecting signatures for a petition to regulate backyard breeding. This petition aims to address the issue of puppy breeding and ensure that breeding practices are conducted in an ethical and responsible manner. The petition can be found online at www.RegulateBackyardBreeding.com.

These initiatives demonstrate Hands2paws’ commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership, advocating for ethical breeding practices, and raising awareness about the problems associated with purchasing puppies from backyard breeders.