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Hands2Paws is the perfect place to find a dog that's right for you.

Looking for a Dog?

You’re here to find which dog breed is right for you or for an available rescue dog that’s the right fit. We are the perfect place! Hands2Paws takes the guesswork out by using an algorithm that matches users with breeds based on their answers to a series of questions. Hands2Paws App offers detailed breed information and help finding a responsible breeder or available rescue.

What Dog Breed is Right For You?

You’re here to find which dog breed is right for you. Hands2Paws takes the guesswork out by using an algorithm that matches users with breeds based on their answers to a series of lifestyle questions. The user is presented with options in a lifestyle, expectations questionnaire that includes photos and detailed breed information. Once the user chooses a breed, the app will link the user to an ethical breeder listed on the Specific Breed Association website. Each breeder Hands2Paws recommends is a member of the Breed Association and must adhere to a code of ethics. If a rescue is preferred, the app will suggest available dogs within a 200-mile radius of the user’s VPN.

The Hands2Paws App is your source to find the perfect dog breed based on your unique lifestyle and needs. 

Find the Perfect Dog
Hands2Paws matches you with dog breeds based on your answers to a series of lifestyle questions.

Tell us about your dog preferences

When it comes to finding the perfect dog breed, there are a few things to take into consideration. First and foremost, do you want a breed that is known for being intelligent and easy to train? Do you prefer breeds that are on the smaller side? How about grooming my dog? A breed that requires minimal grooming is always ideal. Based on these criteria, and a few more, Hands2paws will find a match.

Discover dog breeds based on your profile and our algorithm

Find the Perfect Dog

Review Dog Profile

Take your time when making a decision on which dog breed you like. There are many different personality types and living habits that go with each one, so be sure to read through the descriptions carefully.

Find the Perfect Dog
Find the Perfect Dog
You're done! Now it's time to find your new best friend

Once you’ve answered the questions and reviewed your matches, it’s time to find your fur-ever pet. If you’ve decided on a specific breed, you’ll be referred to the Breed Specific Association. Here, you’ll find the directory of breeders, as well as all the information you need to know about the breed. This is where you can contact a breeder and inquire about available litters. The breeder will then be able to provide you with more information about the individual puppies, their health history, and what type of temperament they are likely to have. With this essential information in hand, you’ll be able to choose the perfect puppy for your family.

The Hands2Paws App is like a digital matchmaker for dogs. It can find your perfect pup based on what kind of dog you want and then help make sure that they’re just as excited about meeting YOU!


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    If you’re not finding any matches then it’s time to go back and review your responses. Check for slight changes in order that the search can find a match.

    There might not be available rescues to match your responses. You may need to make slight changes and resubmit.

    Once you’ve selected a breed, you’ll be directed to the breed-specific website.This is where you can find out more about your breed and whether or not there are any litters available.


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