Elizabeth Menegon - Hands2Paws

Our Founder

Hands2Paws is the creation of New York- based Elizabeth Menegon who was inspired to set up the app during the Covid pandemic. Lockdown saw an increase in dog ownership but at the same time, an increase in the purchase of dogs that were unsuitable for peoples’ homes and lifestyles. This has since resulted in many dogs being sent to re-homing and rescue centres as their owners have been unable to cope with or accommodate the breed of dog they had chosen.

Hands2Paws has an algorithm that is used to match every breed recognised by The Kennel Club. Users are asked a series of lifestyle questions which will then be used to find the perfect pure bred dog for them. The new free downloadable app is already proving to be a hit in the USA and Canada and was recently showcased at Crufts where it went down a storm with visitors who were there to discover which breed of dog would be suitable for them.

Elizabeth explains further,

“We see Hands2Paws as a resource, to educate consumers on choosing the right purebred dog for them. There are so many beautiful, purebred dogs that the average consumer doesn’t even know exist, and potentially could be the perfect match for them.

“Once a user matches with a breed based on the results of their lifestyle questionnaire on the app, they can obtain more information by clicking the image of their chosen dog, and then being directed  to the breed association website for further reading and information about litters from licensed and registered  Kennel Club breeders. In addition, each breed association has their own rescue group as well so dog owners also have the choice to adopt a pure bred rescue dog.

“Hands2Paws does not promote the sale of designer or mixed dogs. This industry is unmanaged and facilities are not inspected with puppies bred solely for commercial purposes to meet a need.  Our selling point is very simple and basic;  get the right breed for your lifestyle and obtain a  puppy  from a responsible breeder by acquiring information through the appropriate breed association that is affiliated to The Kennel Club and other licensed channels. This app will help to stop the trade in puppies from unlicensed and unscrupulous breeders and the heartache that some new owners face when they purchase a poorly bred dog.”

Stopping unlicensed breeders and highlighting the plight of rescue dogs was something that was heavily promoted by the late entertainer, Paul O’ Grady who recently passed away through his ambassadorship with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Hand2Paws is purely a non fee- based resource although Elizabeth hopes to partner up with other businesses in the pet industry who offer pet insurance and other products to advertise on the app with proceeds from this being used to help animal charities. The app will also be expanded to advertise litters from breeders down the line. She also hopes to extend her app to advertise rescue dogs as well.

Since launch in October 2022 the app has had thousands of downloads in the USA and Canada and breeders who breed and show their dogs have become big supporters of Hand2Paws because they know that not every breed is for everyone and having a resource that matches potential buyers to the right puppy assist the breeders in the pre-screening process.  This means that unwanted puppies are not returned to the breeder or end up in rescue centres.

Alongside setting up Hands2Paw, Elizabeth also set up and runs SugarSkinn which offers high-quality, natural and organic skincare products for adults, babies and the equine grooming industry which are made without any harsh chemicals or additives. In addition, SugarSkinn offers white label products for anyone looking to start up a skincare line but doesn’t have the equity for a large scale operation.

The setting up of Hands2Paws was a labour of love for Elizabeth based on the fact that she is a devoted animal lover and is the proud owner of Vanessa, an Italian Greyhound. She has been interviewed on podcasts in Canada, the UK and the US about her app and has been featured heavily in the press.