How Many Dogs Does the Average American Household Own?

How Many Dogs Does the Average American Household Own?

Americans love their pets, and nowhere is that more evident than in the sheer number of canine companions that grace family homes across the United States. But just how many dogs does the average American household own these days?

The answer, according to recent statistics, is 1.6 dogs per household. This number has been increasing steadily over the past decade or so, with a noticeable jump from 1.5 dogs in 2012 to 1.6 in 2018. In addition, there are an estimated 78 million pet dogs living in U.S. households. That’s up from 72 million in 2012 and 56 million in 1994!

Changing Trends in Pet Ownership

These numbers indicate that not only are more people choosing to adopt furry family members, but those who do are also opting for multiple pooches instead of one single pup. Why is this the case? Well, some of it could be attributed to changing trends in pet ownership and people’s understanding of animal rights and welfare; others might say that having two or more dogs simply allows them to keep each other company when their humans are away at work or school all day long!

No matter what your reason may be for owning multiple dogs, it’s important to remember that adopting any type of pet requires responsibility and commitment—from both you and your four-legged friends! Before taking on a new pup (or pups), consider factors like breed size & temperament, cost of care & feeding over time, as well as making sure you have enough space at home for everyone to feel comfortable and secure.

Americans Love Their Canine Companions

All things considered, it’s clear that Americans love their canine companions—and they’re not afraid to show it! With an estimated 1.6 dogs per household now living in U.S homes, our furry best friends have become integral members of our families — providing us with unconditional love & support no matter what life throws our way! So if you’re considering adding a pup (or two!) to your pack — go ahead — we know they won’t disappoint!