backyard breeder

What is a Backyard Breeder?

Backyard breeding refers to the unethical practice of breeding animals in substandard conditions without proper care, often done by individuals lacking experience or expertise. When this irresponsible breeding occurs on a large scale, it is commonly referred to as puppy or kitten farming.

Why is backyard breeding problematic?

Backyard breeders, unlike responsible breeders, fail to meet adequate care standards and breed animals regardless of demand for their offspring. These breeders often neglect the special needs of the mother and her young, leading to issues such as poor nutrition, infectious diseases like kennel cough and parvovirus, parasite infestations, behavioral problems, health complications, and genetic abnormalities. Such practices endanger the welfare of the animals and contribute to the surplus of companion animals, thereby increasing the burden on animal shelters.

What causes backyard breeding?

Backyard breeding can stem from ignorance or neglect, such as unintentional pregnancies due to failure to spay/neuter the animals. Some individuals allow their pets to reproduce under the misconception that it is beneficial for the animals or children to witness the process. However, these are not valid reasons for breeding animals. In other cases, animals are intentionally bred for profit. Irresponsible breeding practices by backyard breeders lead to an influx of animals into shelters, exacerbating the issue of overpopulation.

The Prevalence of Irresponsible Breeders

Backyard breeders, often known as irresponsible breeders, prioritize profit over the well-being of the animals they breed. Unlike reputable breeders, who only produce litters based on demand and ensure responsible rehoming, backyard breeders do not consider the long-term welfare of the animals. Purchasing pets from such breeders can result in health and behavioral issues for the animals and add to the existing problem of pet overpopulation in shelters.

While many people believe they are acquiring pets from responsible breeders, the reality is that a high percentage of breeders operate irresponsibly. Identifying the signs of a backyard breeder is crucial in addressing the root cause of the escalating pet population crisis.

The Importance of Responsible Breeding and Education

Responsible breeding is crucial, and it is essential to educate oneself about the suitability of different breeds for individual lifestyles. Succumbing to social media trends encouraging the acquisition of specific breeds like doodles or French bulldogs can lead to unforeseen challenges. Purchasing pets online may pave the way for potential issues, as a significant portion of puppies sold in pet stores come from commercial puppy breeders nationwide. Despite the presence of an American Kennel Club (AKC) banner, these puppies often originate from puppy mills, highlighting the importance of being vigilant and informed before acquiring a pet.

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